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Centennial Fundraising Campaign

Centennial Fundraising Campaign

The Upper Arlington community is ready to celebrate the City’s Centennial in 2018. Throughout the year, family-friendly events and programs are scheduled that will celebrate the Centennial in some way. The UA100 Centennial Task Force invites the community to join in the celebration through a financial or in-kind donation. Help the Task Force fund the following projects (subject to availability):

If you pledge your support to the 2018 Centennial Celebration, your family or business will be recognized in some or all of the following ways, depending on your level of support:


Centennial donations are managed by the Centennial Fund at the Upper Arlington Community Foundation. You can make a pledge of any size today, at When making a donation, please indicate which fund you are donating to in Paypal’s message center. Thank you!

Questions? Call 614-583-5040 to be connected with a member of the Centennial Task Force today!

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