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Legacy Projects

Upper Arlington’s Centennial year is on track to be one to remember, but the Task Force wanted to gift the community with a lasting legacy from this special time in our history. The Legacy Projects Subcommittee led the charge on this effort, with several exciting projects taking shape as a result.

Centennial Time Capsule

What should we leave behind for future generations?

No Centennial is complete without a time capsule to commemorate the year’s celebrations for a future generation to discover. We already have plans to include a copy of the Centennial Magazine and the new history book, along with event photographs and news stories, but we also are seeking ideas and contributions from the community. Tell us your ideas!


Northam Park is the home to a community pool, playground and reading garden, clay tennis courts, numerous sports fields, the main library branch and two schools, while serving as the community’s gathering place for two signature events—the Fourth of July Festival and Fireworks, and the Upper Arlington Labor Day Arts Festival. The Centennial Task Force felt strongly that the park entry was the best location for a signature Legacy Project—something easily accessible that would commemorate our 100th birthday in a tasteful and fitting way—and the team set about turning this idea into reality.

The community was invited to participate in a process to help define a project that would be a permanent enhancement at the park, to be enjoyed by all residents for generations to come. What evolved from this process is the Centennial Plaza and History Walk, to be dedicated to the community at the 2018 Fourth of July celebrations.

The History Walk will be located along the main pedestrian walkway into the park from Tremont Road. A series of 10 markers will provide a snapshot of Upper Arlington’s first 100 years—the community’s early days and the people, institutions and amenities that set us apart. In conjunction with installation of the History Walk, the City is making improvements to the walkway, adding trees and planting beds.


The Centennial Plaza will provide an inviting gathering space for residents, most notably defined by three bronze bear sculptures that are the work of a local artist, Alan Hamwi—who actually grew up in UA. The bears will be sited on a rubberized play surface, allowing children to interact with the artworks. Surrounding the sculptures will be tables and seating, and an extension of the park entry pillars and trelliswork.

At a cost estimate of approximately $300,000, the Legacy Project is being made possible by a public/private funding partnership between the City and several civic groups and private individuals.


A lot has happened in 30 years, since a history of Upper Arlington was last memorialized in a book for the community. Keeping with the tradition of capturing the progression of our community, the Upper Arlington Historical Society—with the able assistance of the Upper Arlington Library—embarked on the task of researching and writing a new historical celebration of our community.

You can purchase copies directly from:

  • City of Upper Arlington, 3600 Tremont Road
  • First Merchants Bank branches (Reed Road, Tremont Center, Grandview Avenue)
  • Fresh Crafts Gallery (Mallway)
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